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Letter to Parents

Now is a difficult time for people all over the world. We are so sad to close our regular classes for children. We know that this has hurt many lives. We are awaiting the advice of the local government but we expect to reopen classes as soon as possible.


Despite this challenge, we continue to serve the community. Our organization has overcome many challenges, so let’s not forget we are together. Let’s not lose the thread of communication, connection, and relationships. We want to thank the community for your continued belief in us. We believe in you too.


There is good news! Without a doubt, you the parent can teach your own child at home, even if you don’t have a smartphone, even if you don’t know English, even if you don’t have means, even if you have not gone to school. If you can read, it’s enough to start teaching. You the parent are an adult, her first mentor, and you have already learned more things than her in your life. A child watches you and copies you. If you read, he will beg “Read to me! May I learn also?”  A parent is indeed the best teacher for a child, because you already love each other! Don’t worry, we will help you step by step:

1. Find Internet. If you have Whatsapp, enter our group through Madam Secretary Neema. If you can't borrow a smartphone, or if you have any problem, let us know so we can plan your turn in the library. 

2. Come to  Our Website, choose your language, and click "na piga "For Parents". You will see books, News/Blog, Parents' lettersfree education websites, and lessons for our students

3. For Online Classes click Curriculum. Search for the class of your child's class using the dropdown menu.

4. Help your child to complete the exercises on notebook/paper.

5. Click on "Upload Homework" (Tuma/Upload) using your phone camera. Fill the form with your child's name, class, and any comments or questions you have. Then click "Submit"

6. Read to yourself for your own education.

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