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Elimu Yetu is a Community-run learning center in Arusha, Tanzania. We provide free preschool, after-school programs, nutritional assistance, and computer classes for hundreds of local families. ​

General Information


Elimu Yetu Development Organization (EYDO) is a Non-Governmental Organization located in Kimandolu Ward, registered under the NGO Act (No. 24, 2002), registration number 00/NGO/R/0592. Our organization was founded with one simple idea: Education is the right and responsibility of every person. We believe that free access to educational resources will help community members share and develop their unique talents. We provide books, computers, and educational materials to share with the community. We prepare and support students to succeed in local primary and secondary schools with free tutoring, homework help, and free breakfast and lunch. We also promote life-long learning and skill-building for all ages through technical education, public library access, and computer classes open to the community and offered free of charge. 


Organization Objectives

  • To connect community members together to cooperate and exchange their unique skills

  • To provide nourishment through our free breakfast and lunch programs

  • To provide universal access to books, computers, and educational resources for the community

  • To provide tuition-free tutoring and after-school support

  • To give young children (ages 3 – 7) the basic skills necessary for future academic success

  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment for children and youth

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