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Early Childhood Program​

Elimu Yetu creates a positive environment and early learning experience for children and families through our free morning preschool and daycare program.

Elimu Yetu provides an educational head-start for children who lack other support before they are eligible to begin Standard 1 at age 7 through local government Primary Schools. The program is offered to children ages 3 to 7 years, and provides age-appropriate instruction in Reading, Writing, English, Arts/Crafts, Math, Games/Physical Education, as well as Health. Like all of our programs, our preschool is 100% tuition-free and often provides young children with their first exposure to reading and learning in a classroom setting.  Parents volunteer to assist in supervision, cooking, sanitation, and toileting instruction and receive free training, a system which we have found fosters community involvement and parental investment, and also improves childcare quality.



+ Games

+ Dancing

+ Singing

+ English

+ Swahili

+ Writing



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